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Melanie Vendette

Owner at 500 Square Designs

Melanie is an award-winning web designer, advisor and marketing specialist with more than 20 years of hands-on experience. As the strategic mind behind 500 Square Designs, her number one goal is to help clients generate more leads and sales with a beautiful website that stands out from the competition. Her specialty lies between making the experience of a website memorable and leveraging emotional triggers to dramatically increase online performance and boost website conversions. Melanie is passionate about what she does and her work yields results for every client no matter what industry they may operate in.

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Wix Webmaster Melanie Vendette

"500 Square Designs is a premier brand providing a concierge level of service. Getting the opportunity to work with Melanie and having her expertise are the polar opposite of an “expense”, she is an investment with tangible returns." 
— Jarrett Robertson, Freedom 55 Financial, Canada, ON